An IT leader experienced in building accounting, finance, manufacturing, and procurement systems. I’m energized by challenge, growth, and building systems that allow my teams and customers to have a greater impact.


Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I
Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II
Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder
Salesforce Certified Administrator
Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator

Professional Experience
Sitetracker Inc
Engineering Manager

3/2018 – Current

Built custom solutions for Sitetracker customers on their EDS consulting team. Moved to Product Engineering in 2019 to enhance the Sitetracker managed package. Promoted to Engineering manager in September 2020.

  • Developed various customer specific enhancements for Sitetracker customers.
  • Wrote Sitetracker to Sitetracker app that easily allowed records to sync between Salesforce orgs. Included ability to select sObject and transform field values no sync.
  • Rewrote Project processing trigger logic from scratch. Created a queueing model to funnel processing into a common logic flow and reduce recursion. Reduced CPU and queries usage by as much as 50% depending on the Project template.
  • Managed 5 direct reports.
  • Tech lead for Project functionality improvements.
LuminosityCRM, LLC Chicago, Illinois

1/2013 – Current

Provide the Salesforce community with top-rated apps that make cloning records simple.

  • Developed Super Clone and Super Clone Pro apps, and continually enhance them based on customer feedback.
  • Launched products on the Salesforce appExchange. Managed the process end to end, including company creation, appExchange registration, security reviews, and building a product/documentation website.
IBM / Cleversafe Chicago, Illinois
Salesforce Architect/Developer

9/2015 – 3/2018

Serve as a subject matter expert. Lead the Sales, Marketing and Support teams through enhancing and integrating into their processes.

  • Enhanced environment stability by standardizing naming, refactoring workflows and Apex logic, simplifying sharing, removing unused appExchange packages, and implementing a backup/recovery service.
  • Built out Customer Portal for Case management, software downloads, and release documentation.
  • Developed Support Case automation that helped standardize processes, notify the team of escalations, and eliminate manual activity.
  • Integrated Salesforce with a legacy IBM support system. Created a bi-directional flow of Case information that allowed support agents to leverage the Salesforce platform’s custom workflows, reporting, and metrics to prevent
    the team from updating issues in both systems. Deployed the integration logic into Salesforce orgs for two additional business divisions.
  • Developed stylized Web-to-Lead forms to track Partner lead submissions.
  • Contributed to corporate IBM’s rollout of Salesforce for Support by reviewing and helping refactor junior developers’ code, building functionality using Apex and Visualforce, and recommending best practices.
GE Capital Chicago, Illinois
Lead Developer –

4/2013 – 9/2015

Support Marketing and Sales Enablement function by building applications on, analyzing business processes, and improving team processes.

  • Protected customer SPII data by building a Salesforce web service to pass data tokens between Salesforce and an internal application surfaced in an iframe.
  • Developed GE Capital’s Contact Us form to dynamically show new questions based on user input.
  • Improved the ability to find Accounts and Contacts by creating custom Visualforce pages that filtered only those records that were relevant to the user based on custom Classification and Team objects.
  • Increased performance, maintainability, and test code coverage by refactoring and consolidating Account and Contact triggers.
  • Eliminated security vulnerabilities by advocating the use of Checkmarx code scanning software. Lead the development team to correct escaping and encoding statements on over 65 Apex classes and Visualforce pages.
  • Developed coding, test, and style best practice guides to improve consistency across the development team.
  • Coached developer team members to help develop their skills.

12/2012 – 9/2015

Contract development with APEX and Visualforce.

  • Built various Visualforce applications and Apex Triggers for clients.
  • Created a “Round Robin” lead distribution engine AppExchange product.
  • Developed Excel VBA macros that formatted data to be uploaded into
Oil-Dri Corporation Chicago, Illinois

5/2006 – 4/2013

Participate on cross-functional teams in various roles including programmer, technical expert, and project lead. Design, develop, and maintain software applications using LANSA, RPG, and CL on an AS/400. Provide administration, development, and implementation support for a org.

  • Revived a struggling implementation. Led meetings to discover where the implementation team needed to focus their efforts. Identified a series of goals to accomplish in order for the CRM to be successful. Customized the interfaces, so they were easier to understand. Developed integration processes with Informatica Cloud to synchronize data between and an AS/400. Ran training sessions to help sales teams understand how to leverage the Sales Cloud features.
  • Increased purchasing efficiency of raw materials by developing a system for procurement using Visual LANSA, replacing a manual process that relied on storing data in Excel spreadsheets and creating purchase orders in Word. A software module was designed and integrated into the existing ERP. Specifications for items, prices, inventory, and supplier information was moved into databases. The system created purchase order and order release forms automatically. Item receipt became more accurate. Supplier activity and spend are now easily reported.
  • Simplified trading partner setup and troubleshooting for EDI 850 and 875 purchase orders. Replaced legacy RPG programs with a new LANSA programs. The LANSA programs used a configuration file to eliminate hardcoded logic that was specific to a partner or document type. Multi-format files defined within the RPG program were replaced with normalized database files, and data maps in the GENTRAN Server for the iSeries software were redesigned to accommodate the new files.
  • Increased the visibility of costs incurred during manufacturing processes by developing a cost accounting module that integrated into the existing ERP. Accounting controllers at the manufacturing plants were able to group item costs by process and category. New forecasting functionality allowed the controllers to gauge expected costs and view “what if” scenarios. Downloadable Excel reports were developed, so further analysis could be conducted outside of the AS/400 system.
Maurice Sporting Goods Northbrook, Illinois

11/1999 – 4/2006

Design and develop applications on an AS/400 using RPG and CL, and create ASP.Net applications with Visual Basic.Net. Collaborate with business units on development projects. Develop data integrations between Microsoft SQL Server and the AS/400.

  • Reduced paper consumption by developing a report archival system on the AS/400. Created custom commands that converted reports into HTML and PDF documents. Documents were saved to the IFS, and databases recorded information about the reports. The AS/400’s Apache HTTP server delivered the documents, and a CGI program managed user access to groups of reports.
  • Automated the creation of price lists, order confirmations, and invoices by leveraging the open source Apache POI project. The POI Java classes were migrated to the AS/400. RPG IV programs created the forms as Excel spreadsheets directly on the AS/400.
  • Increased efficiency of bulk updates to item information by developing an ASP.Net application for the procurement department. Spreadsheets containing modifications to item information were uploaded to a web server. The application displayed current item information alongside the uploaded modifications. Changes were applied to the main item database after being approved.
  • Improved accuracy of item information from suppliers by developing a spreadsheet that validated data and processes to integrate the data into the main item database. VBA macros in the Excel spreadsheet flagged missing or poorly formatted information for the supplier. Spreadsheets returned to the buyers were uploaded to an AS/400 database using a VB.Net program. The data was then processed into the item database by leveraging new and existing item maintenance programs written in CL, RPG III, and RPG IV.
  • Automated data transfers from an AS/400 to a Windows 2000 server. Developed RPG IV programs that created ASCII files in the IFS using C APIs. Remote commands then executed a Windows 2000 server process that read the ASCII files and inserted the data into an MS SQL database.
  • Received the Core Values Champion award in August 2004. The award is presented quarterly to a staff member who shows outstanding service, commitment, and performance for the company.
Insure One Bedford Park, Illinois

8/1998 – 8/1999

Maintain legacy RPG applications and databases on an AS/400. Perform urgent nighttime troubleshooting during an on-call rotation.

  • Examined and modified RPG and CL programs for the Y2K database conversion.
  • Corrected and documented a procedure to populate claims information in an SQL Server database.

Programmer/Analyst (CIS) Associate Degree, 1998
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Green Bay, Wisconsin

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