Processing Game Expariment – Snake

19 Oct

My friend Chris at FeltPad Inc.partnered with Reason to Give and i.c.Stars to teach the basics of programming. A few other companies, graduate students at UIC, and friends donated resources and time to make the Chicago Code Workshop a success. We were able to teach about application development, and Getty Images donated laptop computers to the students.

The students where taught about the Processing programming language. It is a simplified language that outputs Java classes. The same code can be compiled and run on Windows, Linix, Mac OS, Android, or in a Java applet (like the game below) usually without any changes.

This was the first I heard of Processing. This Snake game was one of the applications I created to practice, so I could be knowledgeable enough answer the students questions. You control the direction that the snake moves. Eat the apples (red squares), and the snake will get longer. The game restarts when the snake runs into the wall or its own tale. Enjoy.

Instructions: Use the arrow keys to change direction. Click the game to move the browser’s focus onto the game. This will allow the game to recognize when a key is pressed.