Using the Enter Keypress Event in Visualforce to Search or Change Checkbox Properties

19 Dec

Perform common actions like run a search or check a checkbox when the enter key is pressed, instead of form submission. The example below shows how to do this with help from jQuery in the Visualforce page.

Things to notice:

  • jQuery.noConflict() prevents conflicts with other javascript that Salesforce may have loaded.
  • j$(document).ready will run the contained JavaScript after the components are loaded on the page. Binding event handling to elements could be missed without this.
  • event.keyCode == 13 is the key code for the Enter button.
  • CSS classes are used to attach the keypress event handling, but you could also specify element types, names, or any other valid selector logic.
  • searchFilter CSS class could be used on text, drop down/picklists, checkboxes, etc.
  • .trigger(‘click’) is used below. It is similar to .click(), and they are interchangeable for this example. The difference that I’m aware of is .trigger(‘click’) can accept additional parameters.
  • Probably only one or two of the methods below would be used in a real project. Multiple options are documented to illustrate different options.

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HTML Line Breaks in Visualforce using Escape=false with Encoding

12 Feb

Using a Visualforce tag with the escape=off option may help send an html tag like a line break to the page. However, escape=off can open cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. Visualforce encoding functions HTMLENCODE, JSENCODE, JSINHTMLENCODE, and URLENCODE help avoid the vulnerabilities, but they also prevent \n new line characters and html tags from showing on the page.

I wanted an html line break <br /> to show on a page, but the JSENCODE function changes brackets into unicode \uC003C and \u003e equivalents. If you’re only expecting line breaks, one way around this is to wrap the SUBSTITUE function around the JSENCODE.

// in a VF tag

// out of a VF tag
{!SUBSTITUTE(JSENCODE(myVariable1), '\\u003Cbr /\\u003E', '

In-line Editing Visualforce Component for Any Object

19 May

This is a Visualforce component for in-line editing of an object’s child or related records. It will work for most Salesforce standard and custom objects. Pass in parameters to change what is displayed and if the user can add, edit, or delete records.

In-line Editing Visualforce Component for any object

Required Parameters

  • aParentRecId: Parent Record Id. This is used to select the related object’s records.
  • aRelationField: Field that refers back to the parent. This field is used in the query where condition with the Parent Record Id.
  • asObjectType: Type of child Object.
  • aFieldList: List of fields to display in the pageBlockTable.

Optional Parameters

  • aAllowAdd: Ability to add new records. The Add button will display.
  • aAllowEdit: Ability to edit records. The Edit link will display.
  • aAllowDelete: Ability to delete records. The Del link will display.
  • aLabelOverrideFieldList: List of fields with overridden labels.
  • aLabelOverrideTextList: List of text that overrides the field labels.
  • aDefaultValueFieldList: List of fields used to set default values on added records.
  • aDefaultValueTextList: List of text used to set default values on added records.
  • aBlockTitle: Page block title text.

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Visualforce Table with Alphabet Filter and Sortable Columns

16 Feb

This Visualforce page contains apex:pageBlockTable to demonstrate a few different concepts.

  • Sortable Columns in an apex:pageBlockTable
  • Alphabet Filter that filters on the current sorted column
  • Use of the ApexPage StandardSetController
  • Selecting an individual record in the table using a link
  • Selecting multiple records with a column of checkboxes using a Sub Class(Wrapper Class) to hold the boolean value.

Both single and multiple record selection were included for demonstration. Most actual projects would only require one type, and I thought it would be easy to cut whatever was not needed. The search for the Billing Address fields was consolidated into one field to make the interface simpler. Below is an example of what the Visualforce table looks like with the alphabet filter, sorted columns, address search, and checkbox record selection.

Sortable apex:pageBlockTable, alphabet filter, checkbox selection and link selection
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