Find Process Builder Name by Id

Deployment errors can be hard to track down when they give vague descriptions like when a Process Builder encounters an error. You end up with something like this.

To figure out what ‘30121000000UF54’ is, the Id can be opened in the Flow designer. Enter the url for the flow designer with the Process Builder id, and the name of the process builder will appear at the top of the page.

Alert with Option Buttons in the Window Body – jQueryUI in a Salesforce Custom Button

Here is another example of using jQueryUI in a Salesforce custom button. I’m referencing Super Clone Pro pages that use different configurations for cloning in this example. This could easily be adapted for other pages or actions. Enjoy!


Alert with Three Options – jQueryUI in a Salesforce Custom Button

Recently, I was asked to create a custom button that would allow a user to choose between two SuperClone Configuration options. jQueryUI provides a nice modal dialog that solved the problem. The dialog showed two buttons for the configurations and a cancel button. Below is the sample code for what I put together. The actions for each button could be swapped out to load other any other pages or run javascript methods.

A few stackoverflow posts helped me put this together. Credit to:
jQueryUI Modal Dialog

Eclipse IDE Editor Configuration Preferences

Eclipse can be setup to display code in an infinite number of ways. The following settings are how I like to configure the Eclipse IDE.

  • Spaces instead of tabs
  • Show line numbers
  • Show whitespace characters
  • Show a print margin

These settings can be changed at: Window -> Preferences -> General -> Editors -> Text Editors

Eclipse Editor Configuration

Click the “configure visibility” link next to the show white space setting to add fine tuning. I always uncheck the the trailing carriage return and line feed boxes and increase the opaqueness.

Eclipse White Space Characters